Death is a thief

Death is a thief
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Death is a thief. He’s not our friend.
Death is not the Door.
Jesus is the Door.
Sickness is a thief. He’s not our friend.
Sickness is not the Way.
Jesus is the Way.
The devil is a killer.
He’ll kill everything you have.
The devil isn’t life.
Jesus is the Life.
The devil will lie to you. He’ll blame you and shame you.
The devil is a liar.
The devil is not the Truth
Jesus is the Truth.

I’m where I want to be because of the Word.
But I’m not where I want to be because I still haven’t seen the full manifestation of the promises of God in my life.
Those in Hebrews 11 never gave up.
I’m not giving up either.

I’m not being ignorant, stupid, or stubborn.

But if you’d seen what I’ve seen.
If you’d read in the Word what I’ve read.
If you’d seen Jesus like I’ve seen Jesus.
You wouldn’t want to give up either.
You’d want to press on toward Him and all He’s called you to.

Grief. Mourning. Loss.
You suck.

But my God is victorious.
And I will learn His ways.
I will follow Him.
However long it takes.
Wherever it takes me.

Who else has the Words of Life?

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